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Exif wMarker is a simple and user friendly tool to add a visible watermark to your images
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26 March 2013

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Unauthorized lifting of images over the internet, has always been a bothersome issue for professional photographers, and prevents them from freely displaying their skills. Well, the snag of illicit picking of content over the web can be minimized by watermarking them. If you wish to share your photography talent with the internet community, then placing watermark on them can secure your images for any sort of illicit usage. Now, you must have started looking for an effective way for applying watermark on image without distorting their quality. Don’t get messed up with a number of options available over the internet, and simply try out Exif wMarker 1.0.0. The program facilitates the users to add visible watermark to the photos. It supports placing text, EXIF or IPTC watermark, and further provides various features to customize them, as needed.

Exif wMarker 1.0.0 serves as a batch image watermarking program and is compiled of features that are easily operable. While beginning to place watermark on the images, you need to browse and choose the Source image folder. Next is the selection of Destination Folder to store the image files after being watermarked. Moving further, you can set JPEG quality setting, select to overwrite existing images, and set the program to always save the images as JPEG. Now comes the turn of ‘Header’ and ‘Footer’ features that help you to place watermark on the images accordingly. With these, you can choose the watermark to be File Info, Exif, Iptc, or Text, as desired. The File Info, Exif and Iptc options provide associated drop down menu, which contain different types of relevant options like filename, folder name date, date creation, artist, camera model, time, caption, category, copyright notice, etc respectively. If you want to place your own text then enter it in the provided field, and it can even be customized regarding the font, color, size, background, position, etc. Making the required selections, press Start and the program begins the watermarking process.

Exif wMarker 1.0.0 supports users to secure their images by placing watermark on them, which even can serve as the copyright notice, caption, etc. For its easily configurable set of options that facilitate users to batch watermark the images with desired attributes, make the program worthy to be rated with 3.5 points.

Publisher's description

Exif wMarker is a simple and user friendly tool to add a visible watermark to your images. The watermark text can be a fixed text (such as copyright or company web site), an image logo or the content of exif or iptc metadata fields. Exif wMarker allows you to batch process all images inside a folder and automatically write over them any information taken from exif or iptc metadata fields
Exif wMarker can be a useful tool to help protect your images from unauthorized distribution or simply to overlay a description on your pictures.
Exif is the perfect tool to prepare your pictures for display on a photo frame, it can resize images and write a description over them.
The text appearance can be easly customized, you can change font, color and opacity or set special effects like outline, shadow, glow or emboss.
Exif wMarker
Exif wMarker
Version 2.0.3
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batch processing of folder of images (btw, including subfolders); save settings; rather many possibilities for text but not diagonal; text can be obtained as fileinfo, exif, iptc, and typed in
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